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New! Horse Portrait Commission Page

I have finally got around to making a page which gives specific information about requesting a portrait of you favorite horse or exotic pet.

Draft Horse Art

A Rough Draft - Clydesdale Mare
Courage And Valor - Clydesdale Team
Days End - Belgian Draft Horses
Earth Movers - Percheron Team 4 across
Joy - Percheron Horse in Snow
Power And Passion - Belgian Team
Quiet Strength - Dapple Gray Percheron Team
Show Girls - Belgians
Strength And Glory - Percheron Team
The Big Blacks - Three Percheron Mares
The Greys - Percheron Team
The Solace of Open Spaces - Horses in Snow
Working Girls - Draft Mule Team

Horse Art

Caballero - Andalusian Horse
Catch - Bay Horse
Colton - White Arabian Horse
Guardian Spirits - American Wild Horses
Kindred Spirits - Horse Herd
Liberty - Friesian Stallion
Natural Grace - Friesian Horse
Red Carnations - White Horse
Soul - Close Up Of Horse Face
Spanish Gold - Andalusian Stallion In Spanish Tack
The Better Half - Quarter Horse
Thoroughbred Stallion - Bay Thoroughbred Stallion
Tuckered Out - Resting Foal

Zen Horse

Devotion - Mare and Foal
Dignity - Peruvian Paso
Enlightenment - Quarter Horse
Harmony - Gypsy Vanner
Joy - Percheron Horse in Snow
Reflection - Horse in Water
Serenity - Paint Horse Foal
Simplicity - Three Horses on Grass
The Solace of Open Spaces - Horses in Snow
Transitions - Appaloosa and Bay
Unity - Paint Horse Herd

African Wildlife Art

African Contours - Grevy's Zebra
Blue Rhino - Rhino in Blue & Rust
Creature Comforts - Two Giraffes
Intensity - African Lion Painting
Romeo - Grevy's Zebra
Skyscrapers - Giraffe Group
Spotted - Panoramic Of Several Giraffes
Sunstruck - Giraffe
The Matriarch - African Elephant
The Old Bachelor - Giraffe
Tree Topper - Giraffe Painting
Watchful - Cheetah
White Rhino - White Rhino
Wild Things - Vibrant Colored Zebra Herd

Big Cat Art

A Reflective Moment - Bengal Tiger
Dark Waters - Melanistic Jaguar
He Who Greets With Fire - Lion
Ice - White Tiger
Intensity - African Lion Painting
Making Waves - Swimming Tiger
Soul Mates - Clouded Leopards
The Huntress - Clouded Leopard
Tiger's Eye - White Tiger
Watchful - Cheetah

Bird Art

A Fowl Look - White Rooster on Handmade Paper
A Tail Too Long - Scarlet Macaw
Big Red - Red Rooster
Birds Of A Feather - Greater Flamingos
Blue Jewel - Hyacinth Macaw
Fan Dancer - American Flamingo
Hot N' Spicy - Scarlet Macaw
In The Pink - Chilean Flamingos
Luna - Barn Owl In Profile
The Sweet Spot - Blue & Gold Macaw

Cow Art

Bulls Eye - Rodeo Bull
Cowgirl - Longhorn Cow
Cows Come Home - Purple Holstein Cows
Daisy - Sweet Little Yellow Heifer - Cow Painting
Freckles - White Longhorn Heifer Cow Art
Hattie - Holstein Angus Cross Cow Heifer
Isabelle - Purple Angus Heifer Cow Painting
Longhorns - Panoramic Vibrantly Colored Longhorn Cattle
Lulu - Black Baldie Cow Painting
Ruby - Ruby The Red Angus
Rosy - Hereford Heifer Cow Painting
Tough Guy - Rodeo Bull
Wooly Bully - Wooly Haired Hereford Calf
Young Tess - Spotted Cow

Farm Animal Art

A Family Resemblance - White Rabbits on Handmade Paper
A Fowl Look - White Rooster on Handmade Paper
All Is Calm - Sheep by Barn
Big Red - Red Rooster
Bossy Boots - Spotted Baby Goat
Ears Looking At You Kid - Spotted Baby Goat
Ewedora - Spotted Sheep Painting
Ewekie - Sheep
Flamin' Sheep - Brightly Colored Grazing Sheep
Fleece Navidad - Starry Night Ram Sheep
Fleece On Earth - Starry Night Sheep
Mixed Company - Domestic Rabbits
Sassy Pants - Spotted Baby Goat Art
The Happy Hog - Smiling Spotted Pig Art

Wildlife Art

Cool Comforts - Polar Bear
Griz - Yellow Bear Oil Pastel on Handmade Paper
Inseparable - Wolf Duo
Mardi Gras - Japanese Koi
Snow Bunny - Rabbit With Boughs And Berries In Snow
White Wolf
Wild & Wooly - Red Buffalo Oil Pastel on Handmade Paper
Winters Enchantment - Whitetail Deer in Snow

IERAL fundraiser

Help Support IERAL

We are proud to help support the Iowa Equine Rescue & Awareness League by donating this original painting of Colton to IERAL, and also giving 50% of the print proceeds from Colton's image to IERAL.

Purchase prints of Colton here, and read more about Colton and IERAL at Mona's blog Fur In The Paint.

Read Mona's most recent posts at Fur In The Paint.

Creature Comforts

New Image Release! - Read Mona's blog entries about Creature Comforts.

"Kinda like safari critter version of Twister."

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