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All Is Calm

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Categories: Farm Animal Art - Oil Pastel

All Is Calm - Sheep by Barn

"All Is Calm"

Sheep by Barn

This painting is based off a photo I took of our farm several years ago. We no longer have our flock of sheep. Now, years later, they still provide fond memories.

I loved having sheep. Our flock would range from around a dozen to upwards of thirty. They would always be there to greet us with a loud chorus of baaing when we drove in the yard. They were a mixed lot so their voices ranged quite a bit, from a soft lamb like baa to the deep baritone of the dark faced ones. Whenever we walked up to them, they would crowd around, snuffling, looking for a treat or a scratch on the nose.

They provided a sense of peacefulness to the farm. I'm not sure what it was about them that did that. I really miss "the old girls" as well as the spring lambs. My hope is that, someday in the future, when the craziness of life slows down a bit, we will once again have sheep.

Categories: Farm Animal Art - Oil Pastel

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