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Birds Of A Feather

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Categories: Bird Art - Watercolor Pencil

Birds Of A Feather - Greater Flamingos

"Birds Of A Feather"

Greater Flamingos

I really enjoyed creating this Flamingo Painting. I love flamingos anyway. They have that stately yet ridiculous quality to them. Plus as an artist the color is so rare in nature that it's a real treat for me.

I wanted to keep this painting elegantly simple. My goal was to have all of the focus to be on the flamingos. Line and movement and how the eye travels the painting, where the main factors in creating the composition and placement of birds.

To create this painting I did something new. I drew each bird on a separate piece of paper and cut them out and played with the arrangement. As an artists it is nice to mix up my technique and challenge myself from time to time.

My original thought for this flamingo painting was for it to be a diptych, or an image made up of two separate artworks. "Birds Of A Feather" And then the second piece of course being "Flock Together." So if you are a flamingo enthusiast keep an eye out for a similar piece to be created soon.

The original flamingo painting was done in watercolor pencil on suede board.

AND... I'm now on Zazzle so you can get some of your favorite art on various items that range anywhere from art tiles, to sketch diaries to coffee mugs and mouse pads. Birds Of A feather is now available on a coffee mug where the image wraps around the mug for a fun and whimsical way to start your day.*

PLEASE NOTE: This image is available in cards but only as a vignette. The right hand three flamingos only are featured featured on the card.

PLEASE NOTE: The watermark is for online viewing only and does NOT appear on the artwork.

Categories: Bird Art - Watercolor Pencil

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