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Cows Come Home

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Categories: Cow Art - Oil Pastel

Cows Come Home - Purple Holstein Cows

"Cows Come Home"

Purple Holstein Cows

These lovely ladies were me just having a bit of fun. I love to play with vibrant colors and frankly anything that is naturally black lends itself well to a bit of whimsy.

As so often these models were snapped by my camera on the side of the road. I really love painting cattle. There is something about their head shapes and angles that appeals to the artist in me. But there is also a solemn spirit that for some reason I tend to find amusing. It's like cattle just take life rather seriously and I like to play with that sombre aspect and make it fun.

The original cow painting was done in oil pastel and has been sold.

AND... I'm now on Zazzle so you can get some of your favorite art on various items that range anywhere from art tiles, to sketch diaries to coffee mugs and mousepads. These lovely ladies (the Cows Come Home artwork) are now available on a coffee mug. The image wraps around the mug for a fun and whimsical way to start your day.*

Categories: Cow Art - Oil Pastel

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