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Categories: Cow Art - Watercolor Pencil

Daisy - Sweet Little Yellow Heifer - Cow Painting


Sweet Little Yellow Heifer - Cow Painting

This sweet little heifer is part of a cow art show exhibition that will be on display in 2015. Her sweet face is what attracted me most to doing her. Those big doe eyes and adorable pink nose. I mean who can resist a face like that. "Daisy" is a name I gave her while my other cow painting titled "Isabell" was the actual name of the cow.

Those familiar with my work know that I love the whimsy of bright colors and while usually I don't "try" to make the art deliberately vibrant, it often just happens almost organically. Generally I do know going in that I want a certain "feel." Meaning I decide ahead of time whether I want the cow painting to be realistic in color and details or more looser and representational with a fun attitude, which usually happens to work itself out in a vibrant color palette.

Most of the cow paintings that are to be a part of this cow art show will be representation yet vibrant and whimsical, though some will lean more toward realism in both color and technique.

The original cow painting is a mixed water media piece that includes, watercolor pencil, water soluble inks and lastly water soluble wax pastels and is done on museum grade suede board.

Please Note: The watermark is for online viewing only and does not appear on the artwork,

Categories: Cow Art - Watercolor Pencil

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