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Categories: Oil Pastel - Zen Horse

Devotion - Mare and Foal


Mare and Foal

This is an excerpt from my Apples 'N Oats magazine column regarding the creation of the Devotion painting.

The main reference photo that I used . . . is in many ways exactly the same (as the finished horse painting) and yet it is completely different. I like the foal looking out at the viewer. And I especially like the tenderness expressed by the mare. On a compositional level I find the tension between them intriguing. The lines of their bodies and the way their heads come together to form a subtle heart shape--it is almost as if it is a hidden symbol reflecting their bond.

Not so long ago, I worked hard towards a more realistic look. But over time this approach no longer fed my creative side. The older I get, the farther I stray from it. I feel I am transitioning now. More and more, my paintings are being approached from a new perspective. My work is not so much about trying to recreate reality, as it is about filtering reality from an emotional and spiritual place.

The original horse painting was done in oil pastel on 100% cotton rag museum board.

Please Note: The watermark that appears on this image is for online viewing only and does NOT appear on the actual artwork.

Categories: Oil Pastel - Zen Horse

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