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Categories: Oil Pastel - Zen Horse

Dignity - Peruvian Paso


Peruvian Paso

"Have the fearless attitude of a hero
and the loving heart of a child."
-Ancient Sanskrit Manuscript

This is an excerpt from my Apples 'N Oats magazine column regarding the creation of the Dignity painting. Leo is the model for Dignity and here I talk about his owner Shawn, and the impact horses have on our lives.

Shawn and I talked a great deal about how Leo came into her life and what he has meant to her. At that time she was still deeply feeling his loss. She said something that resonated within me. She said that she had given him a home and love, but that he had given her so much more. Through my art and travels I have heard variations of this story time and time again. "I thought I was saving him. But in the end, he saved me."

I have always been fascinated with the bonds people form with their animals. How some can view them as non-sentient beings, while others regard them as family. For those of us who open ourselves up to the friendship and solace that animals have to offer, they can have a profound impact on our lives.

Categories: Oil Pastel - Zen Horse

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