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Ears Looking At You Kid

aCategory: Farm Animal Art Categories: Farm Animal Art


Categories: Farm Animal Art

Ears Looking At You Kid - Spotted Baby Goat

"Ears Looking At You Kid"

Spotted Baby Goat

Ears Looking At You Kid is both the name of this goat art as well as the collection of baby goat paintings. This is the first in the series of adorable baby goats with their big floppy ears and playful attitude.

The original baby goat artwork was created using water soluble mixed media on suede board.

Please Note: The watermark shown on the image is for online viewing only and does not appear on the final artworks.



Image size 16" x 12.5"


Signed Canvas Print


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Signed Paper Print

Image size 15 3/4" x 12"
Limited edition of 100



Signed Poster

Image size 14" x 11"

Matted size 16" x 13"


1" wood frame with double mat


5x7 card w/envelope



Set of 6


All materials touching matted prints are acid free.
Shrinkwrapped items are fastened to foamcore with mounting corners.

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