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Flamin' Sheep

aCategory: Farm Animal Art,Oil Pastel Categories: Farm Animal Art - Oil Pastel

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Categories: Farm Animal Art - Oil Pastel

Flamin Sheep - Brightly Colored Grazing Sheep

"Flamin' Sheep"

Brightly Colored Grazing Sheep

Often after I do a highly detailed realistic painting I like to let loose just a little and create a fanciful and fun piece like this little oil pastel piece of grazing sheep. Oil pastels are the perfect medium for me to release my wild side and color creativity.

This particular flock of sheep reside just outside my hometown village of Rolfe, Iowa. I stop numerous times each year to photograph them as they are ever a fascination of pattern and shapes while the form and regroup endless variations while grazing.

This original oil pastel painting of sheep was done on handmade paper.

Categories: Farm Animal Art - Oil Pastel

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