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Fleece On Earth

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Categories: Farm Animal Art - Watercolor Pencil

Fleece On Earth - Starry Night Sheep

"Fleece On Earth"

Starry Night Sheep

This little ewe was an image created to be our gallery Christmas card. I try to create a new Christmasy image every year for this purpose. Because as usual I was running behind getting a new Christmas card image done I wound up taking it along to an art event in hopes of getting it completed in time to print and mail. I'm glad I did. Initially I was going to call it "Starry Night Sheep" but a fellow artist suggested the title "Fleece On Earth." I thought it was perfect and it stuck.

Turns out I'm following that concept this year as well.For this year's Christmas card I'm doing a ram to match. It will be called "Fleece Navidad."

I really enjoyed playing with style and color on her. I sort of tapped into my inner illustrator and plan to continue doing more works in this style.

PLEASE NOTE: The watermark is for online viewing only and does NOT appear on the artwork.

Categories: Farm Animal Art - Watercolor Pencil

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