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Categories: Oil Pastel - Wildlife Art

Griz - Yellow Bear Oil Pastel on Handmade Paper


Yellow Bear Oil Pastel on Handmade Paper

After creating animal art that is very detailed and realistic I like to let loose with some vibrant colors and work in an expressionistic or even colorist way. Just embracing the creative flow to create animal art that is powerful as well as visually grabbing. Creating art in this way provides a nice balance for me.

This Grizzly Bear female was walking away from me and paused to look back for a second or two before ambling off. She intrigued me because despite the sheer size and raw power of a full grown Grizzly, when she looked back and we made eye contact, there was a serenity ... an almost peaceful quality to her that belied the sheer dangerousness of the animal. I tried to capture all of that in this little Bear painting. Size, strength. power and yet a calmness and peaceful intelligence.

Long ago I worked at an animal park where I worked hands on with young bears. It has left an impression even after all these years and bear are still some of my favorite animals even though I paint them rarely.

This bear painting was done as part of my Totem Series. The original painting was an oil pastel on handmade paper.

Categories: Oil Pastel - Wildlife Art

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