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Categories: Oil Pastel - Zen Horse

Harmony - Gypsy Vanner


Gypsy Vanner

“Know the white, yet keep to the black.
Be a pattern for the world,
the Tao will be strong inside you
and there will be nothing you can't do.”
-Lao Tzu/Tao Te Ching

I love heavy horses. There just something about those rolling curves that gets my artistic juju all aflutter. Add some long hair, feathered feet and splashes of color thrown in and I'm in horse heaven.

This painting was done of the first Gypsy Vanner horse that I had ever seen. I had photographed my model at the MN Horse Expo. Since then I have been fortunate enough to photography Gypsy Cobs and Drum Horses as well as the breed is becoming far more popular in the US.

The original Horse painting was done in oil pastel on museum board as was created to be a part of this series.

Categories: Oil Pastel - Zen Horse

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