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Strength And Glory

aCategory: Draft Horse Art,Oil Pastel Categories: Draft Horse Art - Oil Pastel

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Categories: Draft Horse Art - Oil Pastel

Strength And Glory - Percheron Team

"Strength And Glory"

Percheron Team

This is an excerpt from my artist journal entries for the creation of the Strength and Glory painting.

It is a constant challenge to really “see” what I am trying to portray. In this case my reference material for this painting is several photos of a couple of different horse teams, taken at different locations, times and lighting situations. My mind struggles with what I actually “see” before me in the photo, and with what I “think” the color should be. Then I need to decide what color to actually put down to make it an interesting painting.

I like to deviate a little from what reality is. After all, if my goal was to produce hyper-realistic artwork, I would most likely become a photographer.

I very much enjoy collecting the reference photos that I use. But for me it is the use of my senses to filter an image into a painting, that makes it enjoyable.

Please Note: The watermark that appears on this image is for online viewing onluy and does NOT appear on the actual artwork.

Categories: Draft Horse Art - Oil Pastel

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