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The Solace of Open Spaces

aCategory: Draft Horse Art,Oil Pastel,Zen Horse Categories: Draft Horse Art - Oil Pastel - Zen Horse

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Categories: Draft Horse Art - Oil Pastel - Zen Horse

The Solaceof Open Spaces - Horses in Snow

"The Solace of Open Spaces"

Horses in Snow

This oil pastel horse painting features three gray horses grazing in a wide open wintry pasture. The sparseness of the landscape and the warm golds set opposite of the cool whites and blues make this painting's winter feeling almost tangible. It is loosely based off from my neighbors herd of Percheron draft horses who have become much loved models and muses for me and my equine art.

The original draft horse painting was done in oil pastel on museum board and is being held by the artist as part of the Zen Horse collection and exhibition.

"Everything that lives,
lives not alone, nor for itself."
-William Blake

Categories: Draft Horse Art - Oil Pastel - Zen Horse

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