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White Rhino

aCategory: African Wildlife Art,Watercolor Pencil Categories: African Wildlife Art - Watercolor Pencil

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Categories: African Wildlife Art - Watercolor Pencil

White Rhino - White Rhino

"White Rhino"

White Rhino

Rhinos are such wonderful animals. As I was creating this painting I was struck how dinosaur like they actually look. Before I got too much done on his face had I put a few spikes on his forehead she could have easily passed for a tricerotops.

I created this rhino painting on suede board and used a few different kinds of water soluble media including watercolor pencils, water soluble ink and water soluble wax pastels.

Please Note: The watermark that appears on this image is for online viewing only and does NOT appear on the actual artwork.



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Categories: African Wildlife Art - Watercolor Pencil

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