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Winters Enchantment

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Categories: Wildlife Art

Winters Enchantment - Whitetail Deer in Snow

"Winters Enchantment"

Whitetail Deer in Snow

Winters Enchantment was created to be my Christmas card design for that season. It features a lovely whitetail doe looking out onto a field of blue and gently falling snow. You can almost feel the chill in the air.

Living on the farm I have deer in my yard often. Young bucks and does with fawns seem to like to eat the yard grass even though many years my small acreage is surrounded by a field of alfalfa. One time I had a large doe eating in my flower bed just outside my window. The reflection must have his me because I was mere inches from her. So close that when she lifted her head a swallowed I could see the grasses (and undoubtedly a few flowers) sliding down her long elegant neck.

The original deer painting was done in water soluble mixed media on suede board.

Please note: The watermark is for online viewing only and does not appear on any of the artworks.

Categories: Wildlife Art

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