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A Reflective Moment

Bengal Tiger

Bengal tigers are one of the most water loving of all the big cats, outdone only by the jaguar. When the heat of the day gets excessive, tigers will find a shady pool to cool off in.

Big cats hold a special fascination for me. I am especially intrigued by their beauty, grace and unfathomable eyes. I've done a great many tiger paintings and I'm sure I will do a great many more.

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Dark Waters

Melanistic Jaguar

Black panthers are rarely true black. Most of the time when the light hits them just right, an almost iridescent pattern is visable showing the underlying coat pattern that it would have had had it not carried the melanistic gene.

I enjoyed playing with the lighting and reflective light to best showcase the amazing coat of this magnificent cat. My model was a pregnant female at a zoo and though I shaved a few pounds off her I think she still looks a little on the rounded side.

Dark and mysterious black panthers dance though our imaginations and dreams. Beautiful but dangerous they are one of nature's finest examples of being truly wild.

The original painting was done in watercolor pencil on 140# watercolor paper.

PLEASE NOTE: The watermark is for online viewing only and does NOT appear on the artwork.

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He Who Greets With Fire


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White Tiger

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African Lion Painting

Since I work only off my own photographs naturally one of my favortie places to hang out zoo. I create a lot of African Wildlife Art and so since I can take multiple trips to Africa my local zoos are the best option.

On this particular trip I was thrilled to see that the lion were up and active as most days they are dozing, especially the males. But today he was pacing and roaring and providing me with so much reference material that I'm sure several lion paintings will be done of this magnificent animal.

The big cats have such an intense focus and stare. A person can't help but to be mesmerized by those golden eyes. I'm just grateful they weren't focused on me. At any rate that's where the title for this lion painting came from. Intensity. His great intense focus.

The original lion painting was a watercolor pencil painting done on suede board.

Please Note: The watermark that appears on this image is for online viewing only and does NOT appear on the actual artwork.

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Making Waves

Swimming Tiger

This is an excerpt from my Artist Journal entries for the creation of the Making Waves painting. Below is from a time when I was struggling to finish the water portion of my painting.

So I think my problem is my reference photos. Or rather, that I am relying too heavily on the literal photographic reference they offer. I had made some minor changes to the tiger's positioning in the water as well as his physical shape. Also, this tiger was swimming in a zoo and there was a large concrete wall where I was standing with my camera. Because of this, the water did not flow backwards properly off the near side.

After some deliberation as how to research this, I decided to play in the bathtub. I created wakes and ripples and just watched how water moved. All in all, it really helped me sort out how to finish the water elements of this painting.

A camera is a must for me to collect the proper reference materials I need. But occasionally, I forget that I can't rely too heavily on what they show me. The camera can distort reality. It is important to be able to think for myself and to be truly observant.

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Soul Mates

Clouded Leopards

This piece is named "Soul Mates" because clouded leopards are one of the few big cats that mate for life. I came upon this pair at a zoo all snuggled up together. I was struck by the charm of the situation, but what made me want to paint them was the way they seemed to blend together as one. They were wrapped up so tightly it was hard to tell where they separated. I also enjoyed painting the strong patterns and shapes of their coats.

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The Huntress

Clouded Leopard

The Huntress features a close up view of this beautiful and elusive animal. Richly colored and intricately detailed this portrait of a clouded leopard will add beauty to any surroundings. Bring a little of the wild home with this Clouded Leopard artwork.

The original was done in water soluble mixed media on suede board.

Please Note: The watermark is for online viewing only and does not appear on any of the artworks.

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Tiger's Eye

White Tiger

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A dramatic cheetah painting showcasing the elegance and beauty of this stunning African big cat. The cheetah has a cautious look back as it moves through the African savannah. I created this painting to be quite realistic but with an artistically rendered background so there is no doubt that it is a work of art.

This beautiful cheetah painting was created using mixed media of various water soluble materials including ink, water color pencils and water soluble wax pastel.

PLEASE NOTE: The watermark on this image is for online viewing only and does not appear on the final artwork.

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