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Polar Bear

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Yellow Bear Oil Pastel on Handmade Paper

After creating animal art that is very detailed and realistic I like to let loose with some vibrant colors and work in an expressionistic or even colorist way. Just embracing the creative flow to create animal art that is powerful as well as visually grabbing. Creating art in this way provides a nice balance for me.

This Grizzly Bear female was walking away from me and paused to look back for a second or two before ambling off. She intrigued me because despite the sheer size and raw power of a full grown Grizzly, when she looked back and we made eye contact, there was a serenity ... an almost peaceful quality to her that belied the sheer dangerousness of the animal. I tried to capture all of that in this little Bear painting. Size, strength. power and yet a calmness and peaceful intelligence.

Long ago I worked at an animal park where I worked hands on with young bears. It has left an impression even after all these years and bear are still some of my favorite animals even though I paint them rarely.

This bear painting was done as part of my Totem Series. The original painting was an oil pastel on handmade paper.

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Wolf Duo

This painting of a mated pair of wolves captures the intimacy and close bond shared by the partners.

My models for this wolf painting were privately owned and I was lucky enough to spend the day with them several years ago. You may notice that the oil pastel painting called White Wolf bears a striking resemblance to this piece. It was a portrait study I did in preparation for the larger scale painting.

"Inseparable" Wolf Duo original painting was done in oil pastel on museum board.

PLEASE NOTE: The watermark is for online viewing only and does NOT appear on the artwork.

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Mardi Gras

Japanese Koi

This painting was based off a visit to the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines. They have a ton of koi in a small lake and when you threw in a little fish food this was the result, complete chaos.

Once again it was color and pattern that really attracted me to doing this painting. I also really like the movement running along the diagonal.

Interestingly enough, Blank Park Zoo actually used this image in the sign next to their koi pond, talking about the varieties of fish they have.

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Snow Bunny

Rabbit With Boughs And Berries In Snow

This fun little bunny painting was designed to be my Christmas card for 2014. It is a fantasy piece that didn't exist in reference material reality. Meaning I had taken a few photos of some domestic rabbits gone feral while on a beach vacation and from there let my imagination (and color palette) run wild.

I infused a lot of color into this rabbit painting and created an arch of boughs and berries behind to give it a feeling of reverence without getting too literal. Some gently falling snow complete the image, making it a delightful winter artwork that can be, but doesn't have to be holiday decor.

The original bunny painting was a mixed media, water soluble created on museum grade suede board. Ink, watercolor pencil and water soluble wax pastel went into this charming little rabbit art work.

Please Note: The watermark shown on the image is for online viewing only and does not appear on the final artworks.

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White Wolf

This is an excerpt from my artist blog entries for the creation of the White Wolf painting. The original painting was done on handmade paper. And so this excerpt talks about working with this media.

The paper is quite soft, so my usual practice of drawing and erasing really canít happen. To work around this, I could project the image. OR I could draw it out on something else, like tracing paper. Place the final drawing over the handmade paper and redraw the lines. This forms a barely visible indentation on the handmade paper. Carbon paper would also work, but the lines would be quite harsh and may not get completely covered by the oil pastel. (Besides, finding carbon paper these days, is like looking for something out of the stone age.)

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Wild & Wooly

Red Buffalo Oil Pastel on Handmade Paper

When we lived in Rapid City, SD I spent a great deal of time in the state parks hiking or doing the drive through thing. As a result I have hundreds of stunning buffalo reference photos.

I decided to paint this particular female because she wasn't a stunning representation or her species. But she is unique and I loved the wild-eyed looks. As a wild-eyed female myself I could relate and instantly bonded with her. Iíve always had a thing for imperfect critters. Somehow they seem more real and have more personality.

I created this buffalo painting in oil pastel on handmade paper. The deckled edges add a certain character and interest to the finished art. She is created in a colorist and easy expressionistic style and will add a vibrant rustic touch to any decor.

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Winters Enchantment

Whitetail Deer in Snow

Winters Enchantment was created to be my Christmas card design for that season. It features a lovely whitetail doe looking out onto a field of blue and gently falling snow. You can almost feel the chill in the air.

Living on the farm I have deer in my yard often. Young bucks and does with fawns seem to like to eat the yard grass even though many years my small acreage is surrounded by a field of alfalfa. One time I had a large doe eating in my flower bed just outside my window. The reflection must have his me because I was mere inches from her. So close that when she lifted her head a swallowed I could see the grasses (and undoubtedly a few flowers) sliding down her long elegant neck.

The original deer painting was done in water soluble mixed media on suede board.

Please note: The watermark is for online viewing only and does not appear on any of the artworks.

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