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Detail of marks combining to form the image
Mark Making

One of the things I like best about oil pastels is its ease with mark making. I love all the little dashes of color combining to form the whole image. I could use oil pastels in such a way as to have a smooth glassy surface to extend my work into a more hyper realistic form. But I really enjoy the effect of laying small slashes of color next to each other.

When I was working in water soluble pencil, I often worked to gain a more realistic presentation. "Working Girls" is sort of the pinnacle of that. I have always wanted my work to look like it is a painting. I may portray my animals very realisticly but would use cropping for effect. In many of my works, the negative space is just as important as the subject.

Anyway from that point in time, I began backing away from the realism and playing more and more with the impressionism. Some of my works lean deeper into the impressionistic technique than others. The driving factor behind why I do what I do and how I do it, is how much enjoyment I get from it.

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