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A Year And Some Odd Months Later

December, 2006

So I actually put in several weeks on the tiger and just got bored with it. I set it aside in the back room and left it, waiting to build up the courage to throw it away. I came close several times, but continued to hang onto it because there was something about the piece that kept calling me.

Often over the many months I would stop for a few minutes and look at it, trying to figure out what it was about it that wasn't working. I'd think to myself, I really just need to toss it. Hanging onto old or sub-par artwork drags on the creative flow. Occasionally people would spy it in the backroom and comment on it or Ooh and Ahh. I would usually say something like “of course it looks good... it is sideways and in the dark.” And still I kept it.

So around December 1st I got a wild hair and pulled it out. I had just finished working on a tiny painting with minute details and was feeling the strong need to make big strokes of color and expansive gestures. This largely unfinished tiger painting seemed like the prime opportunity. After all I already considered it trash what did I have to loose.

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