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Changing Horses Mid Stream

It is a gloomy rainy day outside and my mood is in step with it. I have always been a creator when the mood, passion or muse struck. Having turned my love of animals and painting them into my profession has caused me to look at it all differently. I now must try to create most of the time. And when I do have some free time I feel pressured to get something out on paper. This proves most of the time not to be very effective. I know many artists who have a set number of hours to paint daily. It would be nice if I could get into that frame of mind I would probably be a lot more productive. Unfortunately it is just too rigid for me.

I only have an interest in painting animals. Long ago I did stray from this subject quite often to include landscapes, still lifes and an occasional person. Animals have always been the driving force in my work and in my life. My work is more about the animal than it is about the art. Though I do try for a balance.

So to keep the interest alive I change mediums occasionally. About every 10 years or so. Now that I am doing the oil pastels, I often get asked if I will continue with the water soluble pencil. If I follow true to form I probably will not go back to the pencils. I think I had used them for so long that they became stale. Not much left for a challenge. Most of the time I change mediums because I have become bored and feel that there is nothing new I can produce. I would like to think I may again create something with them. But when I switched from graphite pencil to water soluble I never did another graphite piece. Amazing since more than 15 years have gone by.

It is supposed to be a bit of a risk to change mediums, and more so techniques. People like an artist to be predictable. I gave it a great deal of thought before trying the pastels. Some people donít like the new work. Some people prefer the new work and some people donít seem to notice much difference. For me the change has been good. I feel energized to get back to creating. I find the challenges enjoyable and view it as an opportunity for growth. So changing horses mid stream may not look like the wisest idea but sometime to keep on with the journey it is a necessity.

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