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Completed draft horse painting, Strength and Glory
Completed Draft Horses

Well today the painting is officially done. I sent it off with Mike to be scanned for printing. I would have liked to have had another week or two to play with it but I have an event coming up that I needed to have it ready for. As it is I pushed it very close to the deadline.

I chose to keep the ribbons. I put them in and kept the blues subtle. Or at least not to eye catching. I do like the line and height they add to the composition.

In the end I have dark bay horses rather than black. I thought the blue gray highlights needed to create black were just too much like all the other blue gray I have in the piece. Brown warmed the horses up quite a bit and most black horses have brown highlights when viewed in sunlight. Overall I am pleased. But again would have liked to have the time to “live” with the painting for awhile. On the other hand sometimes it is good to be forced to let go in order to open myself up for the next project.

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