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The Biggest Leap

Strength and Glory before starting the background
Ready to Start Background

Well I am at that point. That point where I have to screw up my courage, say a little prayer and begin the background. There are two major moments of fear for me when it comes to creating artwork. The first is that very first mark on a pristine white page. If I am going to mar it’s beauty and whiteness it is in hopes that something better will come of it. The second and by far greater is the moment I need to begin the background. I have occasionally lost a painting by messing up on the background. It is doubly frustrating because if I have gotten far enough along to get to put in the background it usually means I am at least satisfied with the progress thus far.

I had thought this time would be a little easier since I am simply doing what I did on the “Power and Passion” painting. Since they are a suite they will match to a degree. However I still wandered aimlessly around the gallery, played with the cat, ate some crackers and bugged my husband in the other room while he was doing color profiling on another image, all while trying to get enough confidence to begin. Eventually, I sat done and started my random scribbling for filling in around my horses. Something I also have to remember is there comes a time, there always comes a time, when I look at what I’ve got and hate it. I think for sure I have just ruined the piece. This also happens right at the beginning of laying in color. Since I am aware that I consistently do this I am usually able to just push on until I make it to a stage where I am pleased again with what I’ve got.

So my plan for today is to get the under painting in for my background. It will need to be refined but that will come tomorrow. I just need to get it to a place where when I look at it I can see that it will be a success with some work.

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