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I try to take my camera everywhere I go. You just never know when or where an opportunity to photograph something will present itself. I was traveling to pick up some matboard with a friend and drove past a large herd of paint mares with foals. After about two seconds of deliberation I turned around and hopped out, camera in hand.

It was a feast for the eyes. I was so excited about what I was viewing through my camera lens, I had several painting ideas even before I had finished shooting my first roll of film. All in all I took 6 rolls of film and most assuredly would have done more had I been alone and not on my way somewhere.

I have just begun laying in the color and I am having a great deal of fun. The way the image is laid out is exactly how I like to work. Being a sectional painter I like working in one tiny area and then moving on to the next tiny area. I dislike large expanses of color. All these bodies close together and spots are perfect for me and I expect to complete this painting in a very short amount of time.

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