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Greens in the background of Unity, paint horse herd

I have put in the background and am quite dissatisfied. Initially it was a rather bright chatreusey green. I liked the brightness of it just for fun, but it clashed with the moderately realistic coloration of the horses. So I then darkened all the green to a more natural forest type green that I often tend to use with my horse paintings. Still not happy.

I came into the studio today on the verge of tossing the painting and counting it as a loss. But I thought one more day. If I am still unhappy with it, off to a bonfire.

Often if things aren't working I will cut down a painting to the elements I like and try make a successful piece from that. I start taking strips of paper and laying them across the image to see what could be removed and if it would help.

I made a decision to remove about one inch from the top. I have been known to take off as much as a third of a painting. I then scraped out two horses at the top and made the area more of a negative space. Lastly I laid in some new green all around which I am happier with. It is a bright, not so natural green. But I think it works. We'll see if I think so tomorrow.

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