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I have always lived and worked in the company of animals, they are my true passion. Growing up in a small rural town in Minnesota, most of my free time was spent riding horses, exploring nature, drawing and reading. I have not had formal training in the arts but I came from an artistic family where creativity in all forms was encouraged.

I have been on an animal inspired life path which includes a degree in veterinary technology followed by working in an animal clinic,an equestrian facility, a greyhound kennel and a wildlife park where I worked hands on with a variety of animals including wolves, bear and mountain lion. Animals have alway been my passion art is simply how I chose to express it.

In 1995 I moved to Iowa to work on my now exhusband's family farm. We farmed organically, raising mostly food grade grain crops. Having moved from the Black Hills I find I still miss the scenery but rural Iowa has a beauty and charm all it's own. I am quite happy with farm life, as it allows me to have a small menagerie of critters which are a constant joy.

In 2000 I opened Wild Faces Gallery & Frame in Rolfe which ia business of 3 parts including my studio and showroom gallery, a full service frame shop and a fine art giclee publishing house where I not only create my own artworks into prints inpaper, canvas and photo but also for about 150 arists throughout the Midwest. Being self-publishing allows for greater control of production and image quality.

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