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Read Horses and Art, Mona's regularly contributed column in Apples 'n Oats magazine.

2006 Fall - Oh. . . . Those Horse-Crazy Girls!
2007 Spring - Power And Passion / Show Girls
2007 Summer - Inspirations and Motivations
2007 Winter - Day's End / Belgian Beauties
2008 Spring - Libertador
2008 Summer - Catch Penny II
2009 Spring - The Laborer
2009 Winter - Liberty
2010 Spring - The Kentucky Horse Park & Breyerfest
2010 Fall - Clever Girls
2011 Spring - Tuckered Out
Artwork /
A Family Resemblance - White Rabbits on Handmade Paper
A Fowl Look - White Rooster on Handmade Paper
African Contours - Grevy's Zebra
All Is Calm - Sheep by Barn
A Reflective Moment - Bengal Tiger
A Rough Draft - Clydesdale Mare
A Tail Too Long - Scarlet Macaw
Big Red - Red Rooster
Birds Of A Feather - Greater Flamingos
Blue Jewel - Hyacinth Macaw
Blue Rhino - Rhino in Blue & Rust
Bossy Boots - Spotted Baby Goat
Bulls Eye - Rodeo Bull
Caballero - Andalusian Horse
Catch - Bay Horse
Colton - White Arabian Horse
Cool Comforts - Polar Bear
Courage And Valor - Clydesdale Team
Cowgirl - Longhorn Cow
Cows Come Home - Purple Holstein Cows
Creature Comforts - Two Giraffes
Daisy - Sweet Little Yellow Heifer - Cow Painting
Dark Waters - Melanistic Jaguar
Days End - Belgian Draft Horses
Devotion - Mare and Foal
Dignity - Peruvian Paso
Ears Looking At You Kid - Spotted Baby Goat
Earth Movers - Percheron Team 4 across
Enlightenment - Quarter Horse
Ewedora - Spotted Sheep Painting
Ewekie - Sheep
Fan Dancer - American Flamingo
Flamin' Sheep - Brightly Colored Grazing Sheep
Fleece Navidad - Starry Night Ram Sheep
Fleece On Earth - Starry Night Sheep
Freckles - White Longhorn Heifer Cow Art
Griz - Yellow Bear Oil Pastel on Handmade Paper
Guardian Spirits - American Wild Horses
Harmony - Gypsy Vanner
Hattie - Holstein Angus Cross Cow Heifer
He Who Greets With Fire - Lion
Hot N' Spicy - Scarlet Macaw
Ice - White Tiger
Inseparable - Wolf Duo
Intensity - African Lion Painting
In The Pink - Chilean Flamingos
Isabelle - Purple Angus Heifer Cow Painting
Joy - Percheron Horse in Snow
Kindred Spirits - Horse Herd
Liberty - Friesian Stallion
Longhorns - Panoramic Vibrantly Colored Longhorn Cattle
Lulu - Black Baldie Cow Painting
Luna - Barn Owl In Profile
Making Waves - Swimming Tiger
Mardi Gras - Japanese Koi
Mixed Company - Domestic Rabbits
Natural Grace - Friesian Horse
Power And Passion - Belgian Team
Quiet Strength - Dapple Gray Percheron Team
Red Carnations - White Horse
Reflection - Horse in Water
Romeo - Grevy's Zebra
Ruby - Ruby The Red Angus
Rosy - Hereford Heifer Cow Painting
Sassy Pants - Spotted Baby Goat Art
Serenity - Paint Horse Foal
Show Girls - Belgians
Simplicity - Three Horses on Grass
Skyscrapers - Giraffe Group
Snow Bunny - Rabbit With Boughs And Berries In Snow
Soul - Close Up Of Horse Face
Soul Mates - Clouded Leopards
Spanish Gold - Andalusian Stallion In Spanish Tack
Spotted - Panoramic Of Several Giraffes
Strength And Glory - Percheron Team
Sunstruck - Giraffe
The Better Half - Quarter Horse
The Big Blacks - Three Percheron Mares
The Greys - Percheron Team
The Happy Hog - Smiling Spotted Pig Art
The Huntress - Clouded Leopard
The Matriarch - African Elephant
The Old Bachelor - Giraffe
The Solace of Open Spaces - Horses in Snow
The Sweet Spot - Blue & Gold Macaw
Thoroughbred Stallion - Bay Thoroughbred Stallion
Tiger's Eye - White Tiger
Tough Guy - Rodeo Bull
Transitions - Appaloosa and Bay
Tree Topper - Giraffe Painting
Tuckered Out - Resting Foal
Unity - Paint Horse Herd
Watchful - Cheetah
White Rhino - White Rhino
White Wolf
Wild Things - Vibrant Colored Zebra Herd
Wild & Wooly - Red Buffalo Oil Pastel on Handmade Paper
Winters Enchantment - Whitetail Deer in Snow
Wooly Bully - Wooly Haired Hereford Calf
Working Girls - Draft Mule Team
Young Tess - Spotted Cow
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Read my Artist Journal to glimpse my thoughts and experiences while I create my paintings.

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